Sunday is the day that we come together as one community to celebrate and worship God. The service starts promptly at 10:30 am.  Our worship is comprised of:

  • Dynamic musical worship, led by our stalwart music director Dave Brewton. A time of celebration, meditation, and declaration of who God is and what God has done.
  • Fellowship in the Lord to catch up with beloved members and to get to know visitors and newbies.
  • Corporate pastoral prayer, where needs and praises are shared with the congregation and are prayed for as one body.
  • Corporate confession of sins, where some time is set aside for us to confess our individual sins silently before coming together to confess in unison to God.
  • Sermon by Pastor Gary or a visiting pastor, challenging, encouraging, comforting, and empowering us further in our walk and understanding of God.
  • Communion every first Sunday of the month, where we partake in the Last Supper feast to meditate on and celebrate what Jesus has done for us.

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