Our Mission


Over the years Friendship has consistently been a place where the saving grace of Jesus Christ has been boldly proclaimed, in fidelity to God’s Holy Word. It has been a spiritually and emotionally safe place where hurting people can experience God’s love through a tight-knit, caring community. 

Friendship Community Presbyterian Church is a community of love because Christ first loved us. We are called by God, under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, empowered by the Word and the Holy Spirit, to serve as part of the Kingdom of God. We fulfill our mission when:

  • We are a place where people of all backgrounds worship and fellowship together, learning to appreciate God’s unique gifts and calling to us
  • We clearly proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ which calls men and women to reconciliation to God and each other
  • We assist members to grow in love, repentance, committed discipleship, wisdom, and ability to serve.
  • We respond to people who are caught in poverty, hurt by unemployment, affected by racism, or burdened by sin
  • We uphold the dignity of all people
  • We confess to God and each other any time we fail to do these things

In general, Friendship Church are people who have an earnest desire to be obedient followers of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Among our individual and corporate gifts the following stand out:  faithfulness, courage, wisdom, discernment, service, worship, hospitality, generosity, administration, teaching, knowledge, honesty, hope and above all, love

The acknowledged strengths of the church— the welcoming spirit of our fellowship, caring in crisis, our worship serviceprayingyouth outreach and ministry, desire to seek racial reconciliation, and our involvement in small groups (including one support and recovery group)—illustrate the working out of these gifts.

Friendship was intentionally located in a diverse, low-income neighborhood charged to show the love of Jesus Christ by responding to the real needs of its neighbors. 

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